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Upper School

The Upper School at Evansville Day School provides a unique opportunity for high school students to be encouraged to reach their academic potential in a challenging, yet nurturing, environment. Our aim is to foster a culture where students take ownership of their learning goals and outcomes while being provided ample opportunities to take on leadership roles, participate in athletics, and engage in co-curricular programs and internships.

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What Sets Us Apart from Other High Schools?

Because we are smaller than other schools in the area, we are able to provide an experience that is truly student-centered. Day School students are known and valued by their peers, teachers, and others within the EDS community. As a school, we have the ability to be nimble in our approach and provide higher quality, immersive experiences that are not possible at schools with hundreds or even thousands of students. Some of those experiences include:


Authentic Relationships
The tight-knit relationships built between peers, and even staff and students, are unlike any you will find at another school. People often describe our community as feeling “like a family,” and because of this, new students are quickly and easily welcomed into the culture at EDS as if they have been here all along. Through small class sizes, social events, co-curricular activities, House competitions, and our weeklong, experiential learning trips (Intersession), high school students truly bond with their peers and teachers. This develops confidence and ease in their interaction with others, helping EDS graduates set themselves apart when entering college.
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Personalized Education
At EDS, we provide a personalized educational experience for each student. Our faculty take great care in getting to know their student’s strengths, passions, and personalities in order to create coursework that not only meets graduation requirements, but also provides students with opportunities to challenge themselves academically and explore their personal interests.  Through AP classes, dual credit courses, and customized quarterly seminar courses, each student has the opportunity to tailor their high school experience to their unique goals and interests.


Student Leadership Council (SLC)
SLC gives students real responsibilities in the success of their school through five student-led committees that facilitate service-work, bolster academics, and foster a culture of comradery throughout the school. Rather than a traditional Student Council model where only elected leaders make decisions, ALL of our Upper School students are given a voice and participate in SLC during a designated time of the week set aside for this important developmental opportunity.
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Expert College Counseling
Day School’s College Counseling program provides individualized support, at no additional cost, to students AND their families. We share the responsibility to make the often intimidating college application and selection process as manageable as possible with a clear roadmap from freshman to senior year. Our goal is to partner with families to help students make informed, realistic decisions for their future.
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Co-curricular activities and Internships
Opportunities beyond the classroom are an essential piece of an EDS education. We are proud to offer a wide variety of activities, providing balance to our challenging academic curriculum. Students are encouraged to pursue their passions. By providing internships, micro-internships, and co-curriculars, EDS students can actively engage in things that interest them - setting them up for success in college while learning life skills, leadership, time-management, collaboration, and discipline along the way.
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Athletics & Team Experiences
Competitive teams are not only an opportunity to chase Sectional, Regional, and State titles, but a critical piece to the holistic educational experience. Students are encouraged to challenge themselves physically and mentally, and in doing so, they learn valuable life skills: grit, perseverance, and collaboration with others. That’s why EDS has a “no cut” policy for team experiences, making them accessible to ALL Upper School students who want to join the team.
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Take Your Next Step to Enroll at Day School

Come visit us, tour our facilities, and meet our faculty and students. Our admissions team is here to work with you through each step of the process. Here are a few next steps:

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