Evansville Day School offers the best preschool in the tri-state area for families who are looking to unlock their child's creative potential and develop a life-long love of learning. Our philosophy is that children are self-driven learners who benefit most from the exploration of their environment. Our preschoolers engage in hands-on learning, both through structured and unstructured play. 

Junior Pre-K (ages 3-4) and Pre-K (ages 4-5) classes are led by outstanding teachers with backgrounds in early childhood education. EDS Preschool educators are committed to building a strong educational foundation while fostering a love of learning. With a focus on providing student-driven, emergent learning environments as well as offering structured academic components, EDS Preschool educators work with each child to help them feel supported in their learning styles, safe in their environment, and nurtured in their uniqueness.




Evansville Day School welcomes children as young as age 3 into the JPK program. The class has a lead teacher and teaching associate to provide individual attention and support to young learners. Our teaching approach focuses on play-based learning and engages the full range of senses — tactile, visual, olfactory, movement, rhythmic — so as to fully engage young minds and keep a powerful flow of discovery and wonder. 

Distinguishing features:

  • Introduction to letters and how to write them through Learning Without Tears

  • Introduction to phonics through Zoo-phonics

  • Outdoor exploration on our 40-acre campus woodlands and outdoor playscape

  • Exposure to the Spanish language with our global languages teacher

  • Vocal music experience with our performing arts teacher

  • Literature enrichment in our library

  • Hands-on creative art, dramatic play, and sensory learning stations

  • Small group and individual instruction opportunities



Our Pre-K program prepares children for Kindergarten by incorporating critical thinking, creativity, socialization, early literacy, math, and science concepts. Our classroom teachers use a variety of materials and the best aspects of different educational philosophies to invite children to learn through hands-on independent play and guided learning. Children gain pre-literacy skills through a wide variety of books, narration, and storytelling. Creativity and fine motor skills are fostered as children use writing utensils, scissors, and easels to begin drawing and dictating their thoughts. Introduction to mathematical concepts through the use of hands-on manipulatives further develop skills in numbers and operations. Science experiments are planned to assist children in developing critical thinking skills. Children continue to develop a sense of identity and self-image while navigating their classroom environment and social interactions. 

Distinguishing features:

  • Multi-sensory phonics program, Zoo-phonics program combined with Whole Language learning

  • Nationally acclaimed Learning Without Tears program with a trained teacher

  • Classes with specialty teachers in global languages, music, PE, computer, and library sciences

  • Authentic natural experiences and scientific exploration using our 40-acre campus woodlands

  • Introduction to mathematical concepts through the use of hands-on manipulatives