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Student Support Services

At EDS we are committed to providing dedicated school personnel to provide or coordinate support services to meet the needs of every student. 

Center for Academic Success

The Center for Academic Success (CAS) provides services and continued support to promote student learning and enhance in-class performance. The CAS Director actively works with our faculty, students, and parents to identify individual needs within our student population in order to develop desired personalized learning plans when applicable.  This may be for both a student who demonstrates working above grade level and could benefit from enrichment, as well as for a student who finds himself struggling with a particular grade-level subject matter.


Social-Emotional Learning

Emotional intelligence is critical for lifelong happiness, successful careers, and healthier relationships, social-emotional learning (SEL) is the process through which students can better understand, manage, and express emotions and empathy, develop positive relationships and make responsible decisions.  At Evansville Day School we understand that students with strong social-emotional skills are better equipped to manage daily challenges, build positive relationships, and make informed decisions. We are committed to helping our students develop these core life abilities that will empower them to be effective contributors in the classrooms, workplaces, and communities.


Youth First Social Worker

Evansville Day School is proud to collaborate with Youth First to provide individual and group counseling, referral services, and educational classroom presentations to our students. Common reasons students get referred to the school social worker include: social skills, depression, anxiety, anger management, divorce, behavior problems, grief/loss, and peer/relationship problems. 

Our Youth First social worker is Laura Arrick. She is in the building on Monday, Wednesday, and every other Friday and can be reached through the school by phone or e-mail.