EDS Parents Say it Best

"EDS offers archery.  My daughter is developing excellent skills through this activity that are transferable to other areas of her life.  She is interacting with students from middle school to high school.  That experience teaches her the social skills that are valuable when one leaves the classroom.  I always found it odd that the only time in our lives where we define an experience solely by age is from K - 12th when we are in school.  What a gift EDS offers to capture the maturity necessary to be with younger students and the learning possibilities when one can be influenced by the appropriate actions of a mature older student.  Archery is different and thus expands her mind in so many ways. She has the opportunity to experience another adult who is passionate and committed.
Thank you to all who make this experience happen."
Mary Anne Fox
EDS Parent
Athletics are an integral part of the Evansville Day School program.  Every sport we offer, for boys and girls, has been sanctioned by the I.H.S.A.A.  EDS is committed to an inclusive policy, ensuring that all students who wish to become involved in athletics will be welcomed and will find a place.
EDS strives to achieve athletic success, personal growth and health, as well as a lifelong passion for sports through student participation in athletics.  Success does not mean winning every game.  Success means that each athlete competes to the very best of his or her ability in the quest for victory and improvement.  We stress values such as sportsmanship, leadership, and character, and we promote the development of individual skills.

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