History of Evansville Day School

Passion and vision for an independent educational experience were the seeds of our humble beginnings in the Episcopal Church on Southeast First Street in 1946. Esther Baumgart, a young educator, and several of her colleagues committed themselves to a unique relationship between student and teacher. Mrs. Baumgart, the first teacher of Evansville Day School, spent her career teaching our students until her retirement at age 70.

Beginning with only seven students, the goal was to grow serve both primary and secondary grades. By 1958, with a new location, Evansville Day School had an enrollment of 80 students and a reputation as an independent school. The impetus for change was faculty and staff driven. These educators determined it was time to implement their educational goals at the secondary level. By 1968, they created a campus on North Green River Road with a 4,000 square foot classroom space, science labs, library, and expansive wooded space for outside learning. In 22 short years, an educational culture grew, and an independent educational facility evolved.

While the facilities and locations have undergone many transitions, the mission and core values remain constant. We are committed to a student-centered education, developed around each student’s needs in the context of a learning community. We embrace a set of core values that are incorporated into our curriculum on a daily basis. We are proud to say, if the original founders were able to walk into our building today, they would feel the same sense of passion and vision they had in 1946.

Above:  an article from 1947 touting the teaching style at the original Evansville Day School, then known as Episcopal Nursery School in downtown Evansville.  Many of the same principles hold true today as part of Day School's teaching philosophy.

Today, Evansville Day School is located on a 40-acre, wooded campus and includes an iLab with state-of-the-art technology.