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Soaring Eagles

We are excited to continue this special afternoon program for rising 5th - 8th Graders in 2019! Soaring Eagles meet from 12:00 - 3:00 pm each day of the week. There is no Soaring Eagles program the week of July 4th, but students in this age range can attend the Rising Eagles program with their peers. For those wanting a FULL DAY program, simply select the registration option with a Rising Eagle morning session and a Soaring Eagle afternoon session! Full day students will switch programs after lunch.


Week 1: Labyrinths

June 3 - 7

Betsy Dailey

Explore Labyrinth design! Create a labyrinth in this in-depth, hands-on class. We’ll look at medieval designs, including the famous Chartres labyrinth, as well as Classical, Native American and contemporary designs. Students will learn the difference between mazes and labyrinths, understand the purpose of a labyrinth, and learn how to create a labyrinth from a seed pattern.  

Note: only the half day afternoon session is available this week. The morning Rising Eagles program is closed.


Week 2: Mosaic Stepping Stones

June 10-14

Betsy Dailey

Create your own stepping stone in mosaic! Students will learn how to convert their own art into a mosaic, and then use it to create a stepping stone. Image selection and design, choosing colors, using a mold, how to place the tiles, grouting and finishing will all be covered. Each student will make a stepping stone they can keep.

Note: only the half day afternoon session is available this week. The morning Rising Eagles program is closed.


Week 3: Digital Video Production

June 17 - 21

Troy Vaupel

Ready to make your next YouTube video stand out from the crowd? Digital Video Production will show you how. Great video is an art form, and in this session, you will learn the steps to make your next project sensational. Script writing, shot composition, editing techniques, it’s all here. This is a hands-on class, where you will shoot and edit videos each day under the instruction of local filmmaker Troy Vaupel.

Note: only the half day afternoon session is available this week. The morning Rising Eagles program is closed.


Week 4: Escape Room

June 24-28

Karen Meacham

A villainous group has stolen the Hope Diamond, and word on the street is that it may have been transported to Evansville. Assist the EDS Police Department in finding the missing jewel and bringing the thieves to justice. Along the way, you will need to discover secret hideouts, break codes, and solve clues. If you are successful in solving this mystery, you will also assist the EDS PS in training rookie officers to solve new cases!


Week 5: Chef’s Academy (morning or full day only) - Almost Full, Register Now!

July 1 - 5*

Join us for Chef’s Academy with the Rising Eagles program and get into the kitchen! Students are separated by age group and will be with other kids their age during this week. Half day (8:30 am - 12:00 pm) and full day (8:30 am - 3:00 pm) programming available!

*No Summer Academy on Thursday, July 4.


Week 6: Archery Step by Step

July 8 - 12

Troy Vaupel

Interested in trying archery? It’s easy…just nock and arrow and set it loose. Ok, there’s a little more to it than that, but we will provide step-by-step instruction of how to safely handle a bow and arrow. You’ll be taught proper techniques for handling a bow, stance, aiming, and release. You will also learn about NASP, the National Archery in the Schools Program. This class will be great for beginners and experienced archers alike, led by Certified Archery Instructor Troy Vaupel.


Week 7: Robotics

July 15 - 19

Eric Sogard

Gear up for an exciting week of robotics! Learn to build, control, and program using Lego Ev3 Robotics. Join other middle schoolers in immersive experiences from bot sumo to challenging course designs, all with guidance to persevere toward success in a fun atmosphere. All experience levels welcome!


Week 8: Broadway Bootcamp

July 22 - 26

Jennifer D’Alto

We could not be more excited to partner with Children’s Theatre of Southern Indiana to bring a week of Broadway Bootcamp to Summer Academy! Bootcamp is for kids who love music, dance, acting, and yearn to develop more skill and self-confidence in these areas. We will tackle improv and scripted acting as well as  two production numbers from current Broadway hits! We will celebrate what we’ve learned with a performance on the final day! All levels of performers in grades 5-8 welcome.