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At Evansville Day School, the primary goal in our Upper School is to get our freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and particularly seniors, prepared for college. One of the best ways we do this is through encouraging our students to pursue an internship, a critical piece to a college education and something that looks very good on a resume.

Due to our small size, we have the flexibility to allow students to pursue internships in the community during school hours, working with the best industry professionals in Evansville to further their own passions. Michael Craft (‘21) is working with an Evansville-area veterinarian, an experience he believes helped get him into Purdue University’s highly regarded vet program.

Adeline Halsey ‘21 worked with EDS Director of Marketing Amanda Bultemeier as a senior, using this experience to help her as she will pursue a degree in journalism.


“Working with Mrs. Bultemeier has been a very gratifying and valuable experience. She has a lot of wisdom and expertise when it comes to various styles of writing, and has been kind enough to pass that wisdom onto me. She is constantly encouraging and pushing me to hone my voice and become comfortable with a wide range of styles and techniques, qualities that I especially appreciate as an aspiring journalist.”


At the end of each student’s Day School journey, in the final month of their senior year, students are required to complete a capstone senior project, which is a two-week job shadow experience at a local professional in their desired career path accompanied by a presentation to peers and parents.

The senior project is designed for students to have to get out of their comfort zone and to find out where their true interests lie. Sometimes the students fall in love with a career path from this experience, sometimes they realize it is not for them. Whatever the result, each student comes away with a new perspective.