College Counseling

The college application process can be stressful at best. 
For students, the questions surrounding the experience are huge: Where should I go to school? What will I major in? How do I stand out so I can get into my dream school?  What if I change my mind? 
For parents, the decisions keep them up at night, too: How will we afford to send our child to college? Does my child’s dream school support him/her in reaching his/her goals?  Is the campus safe? How am I supposed to let go and let my child take the reins when this is the most important decision of his/her life up to now?
Through College Counseling at EDS, our goal is to work together so that students make informed, realistic decisions for themselves and so parents are also supported in better understanding the college process and how to let their Eaglets spread their wings on their own. It isn’t always easy, but it is always a meaningful and important journey.
Our families work with College Counselor on virtually all aspects of the admissions process: exploring career interests, narrowing down college choices, writing and revising (and revising again) admissions essays, understanding different types of financial aid, seeking out scholarships, securing letters of recommendation, registering for SAT/ACT exams, mock-interviewing, and much more. By devoting so much time and attention to guiding students and parents through this difficult process, students are more empowered to make big choices for themselves and parents can rest assured that their child has made a strong choice with support from an expert. 
Ultimately, this process solidifies in our graduates the Portrait of a Graduate attributes we seek to see in our students, because by the end, nothing will challenge students more in Global Mindedness, Entrepreneurial Learning, Resilience, and Balance more than making the biggest decision of their lives. And by the end, we are so proud of the Eagles who leave our nest and fly high.