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Middle School

At EDS, we believe the Middle School years (grades 5-8) can lay the foundation for confident critical thinkers who embrace self-discovery. This period in a student's life is defined by tremendous growth physically, academically, and relationally. Acknowledging this, we value the involvement of our faculty as both teachers and advisors. Our exceptionally trained Middle School faculty is committed to creating programs that cultivate and develop appropriate levels of independence and personal responsibility within a community of mutual respect.

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Accelerated Academics

Our Middle School educators bring years of teaching experience to the classroom and are committed to strengthening and building core academic skills. We provide an accelerated curriculum, incorporating features that prepare students to become leaders while maintaining a balance of academics, extra-curricular activities, community, and social responsibilities.


Preparing Resilient Leaders

Through Student Leadership Council activities and off-campus leadership retreats, students learn independence and resilience. Our students learn to value the qualities that set them apart from others, like integrity, personal discipline, compassion, and embracing their responsibility to their peers and community.


Social-Emotional Empowerment

Understanding that students with strong social-emotional skills are better able to manage daily challenges, build positive relationships, and make informed decisions, we integrate social-emotional learning opportunities throughout all our Middle School grade levels. In fact, we value it so much, we have a dedicated Social Emotional Learning class for each grade level in the Middle School where they focus on self-exploration and how intrapersonal behaviors can affect others around them. As such, EDS students develop core life skills that will empower them to be effective contributors in classrooms, workplaces, and communities.


Hands-On Experience

At EDS, students assume a more hands-on and inquiry-based approach to their education. There is scheduled time in the iLab to learn robotics, solve engineering problems using the 3D printer, and delve more deeply into computing and coding. Additionally, faculty integrate multi-tiered projects into core classes to synthesize interdisciplinary leadership. 

Additional Middle School activities and experiences include:

  • Outdoor team-building retreat for 6th and 7th graders at Camp Carson
  • 6th and 7th grade Science Fair 
  • 8th Grade Leadership Retreats 
  • Co-curricular activities include:  Math Club, Student Leadership Council, Band, Choir, Theatre, Archery, Cheerleading, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Track, Cross-Country, Chess, Adventure Club, and Speech Team

Through Social-Emotional Learning classes, Student Leadership Council activities, and off-campus leadership retreats, Middle School students at EDS develop the skills necessary for personal responsibility, enabling them to gain independence and develop resilience. We invite you to tour our campus and meet our team to find out for yourself what makes Evansville Day School so special! For questions about the EDS Middle School program, contact Karen Chatmon at kchatmon@evansvilledayschool.org for more information or to schedule a tour.

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