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Intersession at EDS is a unique learning experience allowing Upper School students to see the world and learn outside the classroom. Each spring, EDS Upper School students select and embark on one of four annually constructed trips focused on experiential learning, each based on a different piece of the Portrait of a Graduate: Entrepreneurial Learning, Balanced, Resilient, and Globally-Minded. Intersession is an annual highlight of the Upper School experience and students play an active role in planning the details of the trips.

​​Recent Experiences

New York, NY
The Best of the Big City

San Antonio
Texas Culture

Washington D.C.
Our Nation’s Capital

Touch Of Nature
Backpacking/Camping, Southern Illinois University

Caving And Zip-lining - Louisville

Local Theater Production And Performing Arts

Print Production 
Josten’s Factory - Clarksville, TN

Community Service - Making A Difference

Art, Culture, and Ecology, the Big Island

Sound Engineering
The Ins and Outs of Music/Media

Grown-Up Life Skills


Exploring Architecture

Culture And The Arts
New York City

Animal Adventures
Evansville Area

Marine Biology

Culinary Art Exploration

Healthy Living, Exercise And Nutrition

Beijing And Tianjin China
Art, History, and Culture

College Tours

Art Exploration
Evansville and Surrounding Area

Automotive Ins and Outs