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Leaving a Legacy

Day School educators Neil Saunders, Kathy Richardson, Marilyn Lankford and Rachel Sampson are all retiring at...

Dee Lynch accepts position as Director of Music and Creative Dramatic Arts


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Why We Teach Music

At Evansville Day School, the music instructors believe that music is more than just sound and lyrics, music is interdisciplinary and multi-faceted.  Read the article below which encompasses the true feelings of Marilyn Lankford, Dona Hayden, and Steve Greenwell, the gifted music instructors at EDS.

Why We Teach Music

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Why PreK at Evansville Day School is Special

by Karen Meacham, PreK Educator at Evansville Day School

The PreKindergarten at EDS is like a river. We ebb and flow; we meander and we carve new paths as we flow. Our curriculum is emergent which means we adjust it in order to meet the needs of individual students, our class as a whole, our teachers, and our families, and our school community. As part of an independent school, we have the freedom to choose from among various educational...