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Leah Whitaker, Director of Advancement, Evansville Day School
EDS Welcomes New Director of Advancement


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The Top Five Questions You Must Ask Admissions

The Top Five Questions to Ask Admissions

Let’s be honest, when it comes to finding the right academic fit for your child, pretty brochures, lofty language and bland statistics simply do not give the full picture.  Each student is an individual and should be treated as such.  The task of preparing a child for college may seem overwhelming to parents, particularly those seeking the right questions to ask when speaking to the admissions...

Why We Teach Music

At Evansville Day School, the music instructors believe that music is more than just sound and lyrics, music is interdisciplinary and multi-faceted.  Read the article below which encompasses the true feelings of Marilyn Lankford, Dona Hayden, and Steve Greenwell, the gifted music instructors at EDS.

Why We Teach Music

Music is a science:  it is exact,...