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Evansville Day School Used Book Sale
Gently Used Book Sale

We did some spring cleaning and have excellent, gently-used books for sale!


2015 Gala: The Mad Hatter's Tea Party

The Mad Hatter's Tea Party:  Gala 2015

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Early Literacy: A First Grade Teacher's Observations

Learning how to read can be exciting and rewarding.  Road signs, menus, magazines, and so many other things that you have been seeing for years start to make sense and actually tell you something! While this process has its exhilarating moments, it can also be overwhelming and frustrating at times.  These emotions can be felt by both students and parents.  Each student learns how to read at a different pace and in a different way, sometimes very different...

Mindfulness in Education

It’s an experience familiar to everyone.  You are trying really hard to concentrate on the task at hand and then, boom, your thought process is rudely interrupted by those pesky distractions of the day.  What am I going to fix for dinner?  Is that a siren I hear?  I really should have worn another shirt today.  How long before the bell rings? 

At Evansville Day School, one class has found a way to combat those annoying interruptions to concentration...