Visit Day School



Every day is an open house! When you visit Evansville Day School, you will really understand what makes us so special. Personal tours are available at your convenience! Contact Karen Chatmon to schedule your tour today.


Prior to admitance Evansville Day School, prospective students are scheduled for a shadow visit. Consider this visit as a test-drive of what Day School has to offer. Upon completion and evaluation of the mandatory assessment test consisting of Math, English and Composition, applicants are given a daily class schedule allowing them to live for a day in the life of a Day School student. Not only do these visits allow for EDS educators to assess the student's compatibility within the classroom, but also allows the student to determine if EDS is a good fit for him or her. Shadow visits are scheduled at a mutually agreed upon time and are arranged by the Director of Admission as part of the application process. For more information, contact Karen Chatmon.