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Students Experience Math in the “Real World”

Math often receives a bad reputation for not being applicable to students (or adults) in the “real-world.” While there is some truth to this sentiment (I never factor a trinomial while shopping), this isn’t true all the time. Students do not have to be professional mathematicians or scientists or engineers to see how math is used in the “real-world” (although there are some awesome examples of math in action in the STEM field). Students in my Quantitative Reasoning class will be exploring how math is used in everyday “real-life” situations all year.

At the end of September, our class went to ALCOA – Warrick Operations to:

1)      Learn about the aluminum industry

2)      Learn about careers at ALCOA and in the STEM field

3)      Learn how statistics are used in industry

Students witnessed first-hand the manufacturing process. They asked great questions about the process and ALCOA. The statistics in action project they completed revolved around how and why the manufacturing process stops (planned and unplanned).

This class and experience directly ties back to the Portrait of a Graduate. Students become globally minded by experiencing how a global firm requires its employees to be well versed in basic statistics to ensure quality and profitability. Students also extended their problem solving skills as they learned about quality control, a statistical specialization. The world, and firms like ALCOA, need more well-rounded graduates like what EDS provides.


Ryan Grossman
Upper School Math Instructor