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Robotics is on Fire at EDS!

“Design is not just what it looks like. Design is how it works.” This famous Steve Jobs quote about technology sums up most philosophies towards robotics education. When most people think of robots, they think of characters like “R2-D2” from “Star Wars” or “Rosie” from “The Jetsons.” But what robots really do in the 21st century is respond to a series of commands that have to be programmed, designed, and tested by a human input. The automotive industry, medical reserch and development, and military are just a few fields where robotics is making vast improvements in their respected industries.
At EDS, children in Grade 4 and up have the opportunity to learn about the world of robotics through clubs. These clubs are spearheaded by Ms. Powell for the 4th grade, Mr. Sogard in the Middle School, and Dr. Faulkner in the Upper School. These after school opportunities allow Eagles to learn a number of skills including: programming, engineering, physics, competition, problem solving and teamwork! Over the past few years, robotics teams have won several local robotics events including a first place finish two years in a row at USI’s annual Engineering Robotics Competition. This event has over forty teams from three different states!
In the lower and middle school, students use a robot system called, “Lego EV3.”  This set allows students to work with a building mechanism that most kids are very familiar with, Legos! The bots work in two different ways, controller or fully autonomous. At first, kids work with the robots using a bluetooth controller like a smartphone or tablet, which allows them to learn the movements and speeds of the bot. A popular activity Sumo wrestling. Kids design bots they think would win in a sumo style contest to knock out the other opponent. EV3 robots are also programmed to perform a series of tasks on an obstacle course. Measuring and dozens of, “going back to the drawing board” motivates students  about programming, math, physics and teamwork!
EDS robotics has grown significantly over the years and is just another example of The Day School Difference! To obtain information about EV3 sets, please go to their official’s never too early to learn!