Day School’s Robotics clubs provide students in Grades 4-12 exciting and engaging opportunities to acquire important skills such as: critical thinking, design, innovation, collaboration, real life application of math and science learning, programming, engineering, leadership, resilience, and organization. The after-school clubs are coached by Soi Powell (4th Grade), Eric Sogard (Middle School), and Dr. Harry Faulkner (Upper School). Over the past few years, the high school robotics teams have won several local robotics events, including a first-place finish two years in a row at USI’s Annual Engineering Robotics Competition.  


In the Primary and Middle Schools, students use a robot system called, “Lego EV3.”  The kit uses building mechanisms that most kids are very familiar with - Legos! The bots work in two different ways, controller or fully autonomous. Students control the bots using a bluetooth connection on a smartphone or tablet, allowing them to learn the movements and speeds of the robot. EV3 robots are also programmed to perform a series of tasks on an obstacle course. Students learn grit and resilience through by constantly “going back to the drawing board” to perfect the programming, math and physics.