Evansville Day School offers programs for ages 3 through Grade 12.  The programs at EDS are focused on providing a world-class educational experience tailored to the needs and skills of each student.  Day School students benefit from an independent educational style which allows educators the freedom to teach students in ways that speak to the individual, rather than focusing on standardized testing scores as a measurement of success.  Graduates of Evansville Day School often provide feedback that the preparation provided by EDS educators allows them to experience success immediately upon graduation by utilizing skills such as critical thinking, innovation, collaboration, global awareness and servant leadership.  These skills are a focal point of the programs at Evansville Day School and are a unique offering found nowhere else in the tri-state.

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Preschool (Jr. Pre-K, Pre-K)

Primary School (Grades K - 5)

Middle School (Grades 6 - 8)

Upper School (Grades 9 - 12)