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Primary School Educators

Mrs. Robin Renschler
MA, Columbia University
Head of Primary School
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Katie Bockting
BS, University of Southern Indiana
Jr. Pre-Kindergarten
Sarah Brooks
BS, University of Evansville
Primary School Innovation Library
Alice Galbreath
MS, University of Southern Indiana
Jr. Pre-Kindergarten
Mrs. Elizabeth Dailey
University of Southern Indiana
PS & MS Art Teacher
Mr. Tom Dragon
Athletic Director
BS, University of Evansville
PE Department Chair & Teacher
US Boys Soccer Coach
US Girls Soccer Coach
MS Boys Soccer Coach
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Mrs. Carla Englebright
BS, University of Philippines
Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
Amber Ferguson
BIS, BFA, University of Texas at El Paso
Director of Performing Arts
Betsy Gladding
Associates, Vincennes University
Pre-Kindergarten Assistant
Mrs. Nancy Grayson
Coordinator, Before and After-Care Teacher
Mr. Stephen Greenwell
MS, Indiana University
Instrumental Music Teacher
Mrs. Karen Meacham
M. Ed., University of Illinois
Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
Anna Newton
Executive MBA, University of Evansville
PS Spanish
Director of Global Languages
Mrs. Kelly Phillips
BS, Indiana State University
Kindergarten Teacher
Ms. Megan Collins
BA, Franklin College
Fourth Grade Teacher
Mrs. Soi Powell
MA, Oakland City University
PS Science Teacher
Mrs. Tia Rogers
BS, Vincennes University
Second Grade Teacher
Mrs. Jennifer Lutrull
BS, Western Kentucky University
Third Grade Teacher
MS Soccer Coach
PS Pom Pom Coach
Ms. Sarah Sutton Mota
BA, Oakland City University
First Grade Teacher
US Cheer Coach
Ms. Diana Zausch
BS, Indiana University
Director of the Sieboldt Innovation Lab
PS Technology Teacher
Preschool P.E. Teacher
US P.E. Teacher