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News and Announcements

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher granted U.S. Citizenship

Preschool teacher Carla Englebright recently was granted U.S. citizenship and was recognized in a celebration in the Traylor Atrium at Evansville Day School.  Students, faculty, and staff joined together in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and the Upper School choir sang the National Anthem.  Congratulations Carla!  Read more by clicking here.

Builder's Club Collects for Totes of Hope

The Evansville Day School's Builder's Club is collecting items for the Totes of Hope program sponsored by the Red Cross. The EDS Builder's Club is responsible for collecting baby wipes and hand sanitizers (bottles- 5 ounces or more, not pumps). These items will be used to stuff 450 totebags to be given to local homeless and low-income veterans.  EDS really needs your help to make their goal!  Would you please help the Builder's Club help others in need? Drop off donations at EDS (there are collections boxes in several location around the school).

Mini-Museum Exhibit this Thursday in the Traylor Atrium

The 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Social Studies classes are creating mini-museum exhibits. The students were asked to choose a topic relating to Social Studies (history, government, culture, etc...) and collect or make artifacts to display in their exhibits. Using the Sieboldt iLab, the students' imaginations were unleashed to create their mini-museums. Topics range from World War II and ancient architecture to motorcycles, fashion, and animation. The culminating event is this Thursday at 1:00 p.m., in the Atrium.

Vectren speaks to 4th graders about electricity and natural gas safety

Representatives from Vectren Energy Corporation discussed electric and natural gas safety tips with the 4th graders at Evansville Day School.  The presentation included the "Energy Stick", which was used to demonstrate the concept of an open and closed electrical circuit. Students held on to the "Energy Stick," and if their bodies or objects they were holding completed a closed circuit, lights and noises would occur.

Vectren presents energy savings check to EDS

This summer, Evansville Day School underwent an energy savings audit, performed by Vectren partner company Nexant.  Day School then utilized two energy efficiency programs to upgrade lighting throughout the school.  At the completion of the Business Custom Program, the school's outdated 112 fluorescent bulbs were replaced with 26 high efficiency lighting fixtures and LED bulbs.  The end result has provided the school with not only brighter lighting, but a net cost that will pay for itself in just over one year.

Annual Tshirt Exchange at Evansville Day School

It's an annual tradition and a great way to cap off the first full week of school.  The youngest male and female Jr. Pre-Kindergarten students and the oldest male and female in the Senior class exchange tshirts at a pep rally in front of the entire school.  This year's participants were Madalyn Kirkwood (Class of 2030) and Luke Stanley (Class of 2030), along with Jordan Lamping (Class of 2016) and Jake Somody (Class of 2016).

Leaving a Legacy

Day School educators Neil Saunders, Kathy Richardson, Marilyn Lankford and Rachel Sampson are all retiring at the conclusion of this school year.  With a combined 106.6 years of service, these individuals have worked tirelessly to create the phenomenal learning experience that EDS students now experience.  

Day School Teachers win $1,500 for Family Garden Project

In a shining example of interdisciplinary collaboration, Day school teachers Alice Galbreath (JPK) and Tracy Conklin (Upper School) were awarded a Rotary Classroom Enrichment Grant to construct a community garden. This garden project will be a school-wide project teaching the values of responsibility, healthy eating, respect, and environmental stewardship, as well as to improve science education and local pollinator health. Construction of the garden should begin in fall of 2015.

Day School Welcomes New Director of College Counseling

Evansville Day School is pleased to announce that Heather Heck has agreed to be our next Director of College Counseling.  After a national search that included 50 applicants and four on-campus finalists, the search committee felt strongly that Heather provides an ideal combination of experience, passion, work ethic, attention to detail, and, most importantly, the ability to connect with Day School students.