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Music Matters

When I took piano lessons as a youth, taught myself how to play chords on a guitar, and sang regularly along with the radio, I knew I liked "music" as a pastime. In addition, I was told that music helps students learn math, though I didn't really understand why. I was able to express myself without it being "I, the adolescent" doing the speaking, making it sound third-person when it was actually my heart opening up to the others around me. 
What I didn't know was something that the author of so eloquently expresses: "[c]hildren who participate regularly in music not only hone their abilities to focus, think, analyze, organize, and work with colleagues, but begin to master their own emotional lives." 
Having been a student of three performing arts disciplines (dance, theatre and music), I'm aware that each helps develop the whole person in myriad ways. This blog from "The Singing Classroom" talks about the effect that music can have on youth, and I couldn't have said it better myself!
Dee Lynch
Director of Music & Creative Dramatics