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Look Who Has Donated to Spotlight!

Dr. Shivon and Mrs. Zereen Abdullah

Mr. Hazma and Mrs. Leah Al-Abed

Dr. Ashraf and Mrs. Jenny Ahmed

Mr. David Albin and Ms.Teri Hollander-Albin

Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Laura Alcock

Dr. Mohammed Allaw and Mrs. Nada Alturjmon

Ms. Lora Arneberg

Mr. Kirk and Mrs. Vicky Ashburn

Mr. Kelly and Mrs. Laura Ballard

Mr. Josh Barron and Mrs. Amy Romain Barron

Mr. Bart and Mrs. Cindy Bartley

Mr. Rob Bernardin 1976 and Mrs. Cindy Bernardin

Dr. Mark and Mrs. Laura Bernhard

Mr. Chad and Mrs. Ashley Beuligmann

Mr. Gregory Schultheis and Mrs. Anna Bezvesilna

Mr. David and Mrs. Parri Black

Ms. Ann Bloxdorf

Ms. Paige Blunt (Thomas) 1982

Drs. Michael and Michelle Boger

Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Kimberly Boulmetis

Mrs. Emily Boyd (Campbell) 1999

Mr. Bo and Mrs. Meagan Brien

Mr. Chris and Mrs. Sarah Brooks

Mr. Austin Brooks 2001

Mr. Robert Brownell

Dr. Rob and Mrs. Sally Robinson Bruner

Mr. Elmer and Mrs. Judy Buchta

Mr. Josh and Mrs. Amanda Bultemeier

Drs. Robert Vraney and Laura Diaz del Castillo

Mr. Bill and Mrs. Karen Chatmon

Mr. Matthew Childs 2006

Ms. Helen Christian

Mr. John and Mrs. Karen Cinelli

Mrs. Megan Collins (Polz) 2008 and Mr. Robbie Collins

Mr. Stanley Cotton 1970

Mrs. Doe Cubbage

Mr. John and Mrs. Betsy Dailey

Ms. Raquel DaRosa 1978

Mr. Adam and Mrs. Elizabeth Daywalt

Mrs. Patty Daywalt (Stallings) 2005 and Mr. Ryan Daywalt

Mr. Shaun and Mrs. Erin Deppe

Mr. Randy and Mrs. Shannon Dierlam

Mr. Jeffrey Dorsa 1980 and Mrs. Nancy Dorsa

Ms. Lauren Doss 2004

Mr. Puneesh Malkani and Ms. Shireen Doultani

Mr. Tom and Mrs. Jennifer Doyle

Mr. Tom Dragon

Mr. Derek Dunigan 1987 and Mrs. Leah Dunigan

Mr. Carl and Mrs. Misty Eastep

Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Carla Englebright

Mrs. Ellen Farmer (Simon) 1974 and Mr. John Farmer

Mr. Charles and Mrs. Lynne Farmer

Dr. Harry and Mrs. Shelly Faulkner

Dr. Ronald Faust and Mrs. Norma Jean Faust

Mr. Otis and Mrs. Amber Ferguson

Ms. Mary Jane Slaton 1978 and Mr. Mike Ferrell

Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Jo Ann Fink

Ms. Susan Flinn

Col. William Foster, Jr., and Mrs. Susan Foster

Dr. Kimberly and Mr. Rob Foster

Mr. Eric and Mrs. Emily Friend

Mr. Steven and Mrs. Alice Galbreath

Mr. Alan and Mrs. Carol Gehret

Dr. Mary Jane Gibson and Mr. Scott Gibson

Mr. Steve and Mrs. Betsy Gladding

Mr. Troy and Mrs. Kathy Gobin

Mr. Marshall and Mrs. Jenny Godwin

Mr. Kevin Goebel 1985 and Mrs. Carol Goebel

Dr. Jill G. Griffin and Mr. Patrick Griffin

Mr. Ryan Grossman

Dr. Darla Grossman and Mr. Harold Grossman

Mr. Chandler Hagey and Mrs. Jingle Hagey (Igleheart) 1965

Mr. Ben and Mrs. Leslie Hall

Mr. Elmer Halwes Jr.

Mr. Jeff Halwes 1980

Ms. Glenda Hampton

Ms. Margaret Harp

Mrs. Keach Harris (Hagey) 1995 and Mr. Wesley Harris

Ms. Lauren Hartmayer 2004

Mr. Evon Hawkins

Ms. Carol Hawkins

Ms. Heather Heck

Mr. Marcus Hester 2007

Ms. Nancy Higgs

Dr. Amy Chan-Hilton and Mr. Edgar Hilton

Mrs. Pamela Hinkebein 1967 and Mr. Selby Hinkebein

Dr. Gladys Lopez and Mr. Martin Hippely

Dr. Lee and Mrs. Julia Hoagland

Mr. Gray Hodge, Jr. 1976 and Mrs. Nancy Hodge

Mr. Alan and Mrs. Deb Hoskins

Mr. Shaobai Gao and Ms. Xinran Hu

Ms. Linda Huber

Mrs. Margy Hungate (Schnakenburg) 1994 and Mr. Michael Hungate

Mr. Marion and Mrs. June Hutcheson

Mrs. Diane Igleheart

Mr. Ronalds Walker and Ms. Wendy Igleheart-Walker 1974

Mr. Patrick Jackson 1980 and Mrs. Patricia Jackson

Mr. Jarin and Mrs. Jenni Jaffee

Mr. Neil Jaffee

Dr. Paul Eykamp 1983 and Ms. Stephanie Jensen

Ms. Aleesia Johnson (Tolliver) 1995

Mr. Herman and Mrs. Pam Jorgensen

Mr. Uday and Mrs. Kelly Kanetkar

Mr. Jacob and Mrs. Courtney Keating

Mr. Nathan Kent 1990 and Mrs. Lori Kent

Dr. Qamar Khan and Ms. Erum Syed-Khan

Mr. Leo and Mrs. Gail King

Mr. Tom Kissel 1978 and Mrs. Lara Ceresko-Kissel

Mr. Albert Koch 1974 and Mrs. Jody Koch

Mr. David and Mrs. Sharlet Koch

Mr. Donald  Korb

Mr. Doyle Krempel Neto and Ms. Ana Marta Bertoni Krempel

Mr. Sergey and Mrs. Irina Kulikov

Mrs. Elizabeth Kunetz (Moody) 1982

Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Judith Kunst

Dr. Brian and Mrs. Gloria Laura

Dr. Susan Leinenbach and Mr. Maury Leinenbach

Ms. Abigail Lewis 1997

Mr. Omar Atia and Ms. Jazmine Loaiza

Mr. Jon and. Mrs. Jennifer Luttrull

Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Lacey Madras

Mr. Alan and Mrs. Carolyn Mason

Mr. Robert Matthews Jr. 1972

Mr.  Brian McAtee

Ms. Mary McCarthy 1978

Dr. Jim and Mrs. Debbie McDaniel

Ms. Heather McPherson 1967

Mr. Chuck and Mrs. Karen Meacham

Mr. Charles and Mrs. Marybeth Meacham

Dr. Jason and Mrs. Gina Meckler

Mr. Rod and Mrs. Krista Meyer

Mr. Chris Mills and Mrs. Laurel Quirey Mills 1982

Mrs. Lori Mohler (Weinzapfel) 1994 and Mr. Stephen Mohler

Mr. Brandon Moore

Mr. Tom and Mrs. Lori Moosbrugger

Dr. Janine and Mr. Jeremy Morris

Mr. Bishop Mumford 1977 and Mrs. Elizabeth Mumford

Mr. Christopher Mumford 1973

Ms. Anna Newton

Ms. Michele Nixon

Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Vanessa O'Bryan

Mr. Blake and Mrs. Phyllis Oeth

Mr. Ryan and Mrs. Leah Oeth

Mr. Steve and Mrs. Denise Oran

Mr. Corey and Mrs. Amanda Overby

Dr. Ryan and Mrs. Anna Palmer

Mr. Jacob and Mrs. Holly Pendleton

Ms. Gayle Pettinga (Gerling) 1980

Ms. Addie Peyronnin 2002

Mr. Josh and Mrs. Kelly Phillips

Mr. Steve and Mrs. Christine Polz

Mr. Mark and Mrs. Soi Powell

Ms. Leigh Anne Preston 1981

Mr. Eric and Mrs. Martha Reek

Ms. Catherine Puckett (Reek) 2000

Mr. Eric and Mrs. Robin Renschler

Ms. Zoe Renschler 2016

Dr. Diane Brewer and Mr. Mark Rigney

Dr. Asem Rimawi and Mrs. Amani Rimawi

Mr. Jack and Mrs. Mary Risewick

Mr. Brent and Mrs. Tia Rogers

Mr. Ron and Mrs. Connie Romain

Ms. Corrie Sarol

Mr. Neil and Mrs. Brenda Saunders

Mr. Paul Saunders 1997 and Mrs. Emily Saunders

Mr. Barry and Mrs. Darby Schnakenburg

Mrs. Colleen Scholer

Mr. Joab and Mrs. Jenn Schultheis

Mr. Ken and Mrs. Janet Schultheis

Mr. Michael and Mrs. Amanda Scurry

Ms. Darcy Sheldon

Dr. Lori Sieboldt

Mr. Rich and Mrs. Kathie Siegert

Ms. Sara Simpson

Ms.  Vicki Small

Dr. Joanne Smith (Bacon) 1990

Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Lora Smith

Mr. Norman and Mrs. Susan Snyder

Mr. Luke and Mrs. Bianca Snyder

Mr. William Snyder 1977

Mr. Eric and Mrs. Terri Sogard

Ms. Rita Soper

Mrs. Linda Staubitz

Mr. Mike and Mrs. Hope Staubitz

Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Karen Stevens

Mr. Joshua and Mrs. Dwan Stevens

Ms. Brittany Streutker

Mr. Donald Horner and Ms. Marilyn Strobel

Mr. Paul Bone and Ms. Heidi Strobel

Mr. John and Mrs. Rebecca Tackett

Mr. M. Atilla Tas and Mrs. Megan Tas

Mr. Meade Thayer

Ms. Tiki Thompson

Dr. Ryan Tomlinson and Mrs. Kate Tomlinson (Richard) 2000

Mrs. Ann Tornatta (Wright) 1983 and Mr. Troy Tornatta

Traylor Brothers Inc.

Mrs. Nancy Traylor

Mr. Chris Traylor 1990 and Mrs. Niki Traylor

Dr. Neil and Mrs. Melissa Troost

Mr. Ben and Mrs. Lea Unfried

Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Linda Vandiver

Mr. Troy and Mrs. Tricia Vaupel

Mrs. Marcia Wagoner

Dr. Robert and Mrs. Amelia Wagoner

Mr. Bob and Mrs. Bobbi Waller

Mr. Robert and Mrs. Angel Waller

Mr. Trey Waller 2017

Mr. Henry Watkins 1970

Mr. Ty and Mrs. Steffney Webster

Mr. Stephan and Mrs. Jeanne Weitzel

Ms. Amy Whetstone

Ms. Leah Whitaker

Mr. Adam and Mrs. Lori Wiechmann

Ms. Jackie Williams

Mr. Paul and Mrs. Susan Williams

Ms. Rachael Williams 2000

Mr. Robert and Mrs. Elizabeth Woosley

Mr. Robert Wright 1972 and Mrs. Marianna Wright (Soaper) 1971

Mrs. Elise Young (Upton) 1973 and Mr. David Young

Mr. Parvez Yusufji 1989

Mr. Larry and Mrs. Bonnie Ziegler

Dr. Sheryl and Mr. Mark Ziegler