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International Education Week

On November 18th, Evansville Day School Global Honor Society students collaboratively organized an International Celebration Day to promote cultural diversity and understanding.


Various Middle School and Upper School French and Spanish projects were showcased in the Traylor Atrium, such as art and crafts and music and dance and presented by the Global Honor Society students. A Fundraiser table for disaster relief in Haiti was set up as well.


Right now, Haiti (a French-speaking island located in the Caribbean) is dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, which according to latest estimates has killed 1000 people and left 1.4 million in need of emergency assistance.

After studying about Haiti and learning natural-disaster related vocabulary in French and Spanish classes, Global Honor Society students conducted a fundraising event to benefit the WFP (World Food Programme) in Haiti by preparing and selling food items including salsa and chips, French bread and various delicious toppings (such as Brie cheese, Nutella and jelly). Donation boxes were also set up throughout the school.


This successful and fun-filled Global Language Day event raised over $250 towards the hurricane relief in Haiti.


This collaborative experiential education project developed our students’ sense of global citizenship, compassion and problem-solving skills, and broadened their experience through exposure to cultural diversity and awareness, and is another great example of the Day School Portrait of a Graduate.


Lena Naef

MS/US French Teacher