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Evansville Day School’s membership in the Hybrid Learning Consortium is a tremendous opportunity for our students, a terrific professional development option for faculty, and an important step forward for Day School. Here are some answers to likely questions regarding Day School’s participation in the HLC:
Can only full-time Day School students participate?
Yes, only full-time Day School students can participate in HLC courses.
Do students need permission to sign up for HLC courses?
Yes, students need permission from their parents/guardian and the Evansville Day School on-campus HLC coordinator. Online learning requires important skills including self-discipline, communication with the teacher and classmates, time management, and motivation. HLC courses are challenging in a variety of ways and therefore, the school approves registration for students who have demonstrated the ability to be successful in their courses.
How many HLC courses can students take?
Students can take a maximum of one HLC course per semester and up to two total per year (including summer).
How much do HLC courses cost?
Day School pays an annual membership fee. In addition, the school will underwrite half of  the $500/semester per student cost for HLC courses. So, Day School students are responsible for the remaining $250/semester.
Do students have to take an HLC course?
No. Day School will continue to offer a robust course catalog on campus featuring electives, Advanced Placement courses, and experiential based core classes. HLC classes are completely optional.
Do students receive credit for HLC courses? Do they count toward graduation?
Students receive credit for HLC courses in the same way they do for classes on campus. Therefore, only courses not offered at EDS are available to students (unless there is a scheduling conflict).
Can HLC courses count for credit?
Yes. HLC courses count for credit in the same way as on campus courses, and HLC grades are included on the Day School transcript and in the GPA calculation.
How do students sign up for HLC courses?
After students receive on-campus permission, the registration is through the HLC website. Day School’s coordinator is available to assist in the registration process.
Do HLC courses run on the same calendar as EDS?
HLC courses aim to be similar to each of the partner school’s varied calendars. So, HLC courses typically begin a couple weeks after we start school and end a couple weeks before exams. This allows students time to acclimate to their campus obligations, as well as be fully focused end of term on campus exams.
Do Day School teachers help students in HLC courses?
While our on campus teachers are always available to help students, the HLC program is structured around one-on-one online communication between HLC teacher and student. Each HLC teacher comes from a highly reputed HLC partner independent schools.  For several reasons, including the HLC teacher’s expertise in the material and EDS teachers full load of courses, preps, and other responsibilities, it is recommended that students work directly with the HLC instructor whenever possible. If students are not having success working directly with the HLC teacher, the on-campus HLC Coordinator can assist in facilitating stronger communication.