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CE Frequently Asked Questions

What is Continuous Enrollment?

Continuous Enrollment simplifies reenrollment by eliminating annual paper contracts. Once a student is enrolled at Evansville Day School he/she is assumed to be enrolled through completion of Grade 12, unless the family notifies the Admissions Office otherwise.

How do I withdraw from Continuous Enrollment?

Families can withdraw from Continuous Enrollment at any time by notifying Karen Chatmon in the Admission Office via email. Starting April 1, families in the CE program are responsible for increasing portions of the following year’s tuition, as the student’s place has been reserved for the following school year through the Continuous Enrollment guidelines.

How is the annual enrollment deposit collected for the upcoming year?

The annual enrollment deposit will be billed to each family's FACTS account. In 2019, the deposit will be billed March 15 and due April 1. The deposit is non-transferable and non-refundable after April 2, with the exception of contingencies outlined in Terms and Conditions.

I have changed my mind about my FACTS payment plan (i.e.) I was going to pay in full but want to pay monthly. What do I do? 

Once the online FACTS agreement is set up, the agreement carry over each year unless a parent makes a change. Parents can go to their FACTS account via Parents Web and make any changes to their payment method or plan, make additional payments, and add authorized parties. All other changes must be made and approved through the Business Office.

When can I apply for tuition assistance?

Current families may complete the application for tuition assistance after the first of the year, and must complete the application by the April 8th deadline, including their previous year’s taxes. New families apply only after receiving acceptance for enrollment.

I will be applying for tuition assistance. What happens if I don’t know my tuition payment amount for next year?

When a completed tuition assistance application and supporting documents are submitted by April 8th, the student’s enrollment becomes contingent upon the family's acceptance of tuition assistance. Families have to keep their accounts current until the tuition assistance is in place. 

I am enrolling a new sibling. What do I need to do?

Complete the online application process here.