Acceptable Use Policy

1. Monitoring

  • Evansville Day School actively monitors all computer and network activity, internet use, and file server space at multiple different levels ranging from network traffic, files left on computers and user desktop activity.

  • Technology use must support the school's educational objectives and be consistent with them. Inappropriate use of EDS' technology resources violates the Acceptable Use Policy. 

  • Transmission of any material in violation of EDS rules, Indiana laws or regulations, or United States laws or regulations is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, transmitting copyrighted material, threatening or obscene material, or material protected by trade secret. 

  •  Use of EDS computers for commercial activities or product advertisement is not allowed. This includes buying or selling items as an individual. 

  •  EDS technology is for academic use only.

     The following activities are prohibited:  

  • Modifying the appearance, settings, or interface of technology resources 

  • Using file sharing (peer-to-peer) applications 

  • Instant Messaging or using any chat applications (unless a faculty member grants prior permission for academic purposes) 

  • Computer games or gaming of any kind 

  • Downloading or otherwise installing software applications on LWHS computers without prior consent from a faculty or staff member 

     Please also keep in mind

  • Each teacher has the discretion to regulate the use of a student's personal device in the classroom and around any school project. 

  • Running any sort of server applications on non-school equipment is prohibited

  • Remember that EDS is an educational institution and all activity on the Internet is traceable back to the network location.

2. Etiquette

  • The physical space surrounding EDS computers must be treated with respect. Under no circumstances should food or drink be brought into any computer facility. 

  • When using technology resources to communicate both inside and outside the EDS community, students are expected to follow EDS community standards at all times, particularly with regard to language and behavior. All rules found in the Student Handbook apply to technology etiquette, as do the social media guidelines.

3. Penalties for Improper Use

  • Penalties for violating classroom rules, EDS rules, or applicable state and federal laws include: 

  • Loss of network and computer use privileges

  • Other disciplinary actions, including, but not limited to, those found in the Student Handbook

  • Criminal prosecution

  • EDS reserves the right to remove you and your personal device from the network for improper activity.

4. Liability

  • If through misuse or neglect a student damages EDS technology, that student and his/her family is financially liable.

  • Students are responsible for the maintenance and security of their own equipment. The school is not liable for the damage or theft of private property, including any damages resulting from computer viruses. Laptops must have operable, current anti-virus software installed. All rules stated in the Technology Acceptable Use Policy apply to privately owned equipment.

  • The ultimate responsibility for appropriate use of technology rests in the hands of the user. EDS is not liable for unacceptable use. The school uses basic internet content-filtering in an attempt to minimize risks from websites that have no conceivable reason to be accessed at school. 

  • Although EDS has taken reasonable precautions to restrict access to offensive and questionable material, absolute control of all online activities is impossible.

5. Updates and Changes

  • EDS reserves the right to update these guidelines. Accordingly, the most up-to-date technology usage guidelines will always be available on the technology page.

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